Photopolymer ADA Signs

Custom ADA Compliant Signs that Complement Branding

At XDFour, we design and produce photopolymer signs that incorporate colors and styles that work with a space and adhere to ADA guidelines. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, businesses are required to help individuals with disabilities successfully navigate a building. Signs must include braille, as well as tactile raised letters. Letter size, color contrast, and mounting locations are also regulated. While it sounds complicated and design constricting, we help companies in the tri-state area (NJ, NY, CT and NYC) easily comply with these rules without being boring.

Create a Cohesive Look throughout the Space

Our team will help build a branded, uniform feel for the entire building, while making it more accessible for all visitors. We work with businesses, designers and architects to select colors and a style that blends with décor and fits with the client’s color scheme.


We Fabricate All Types of ADA Compliant Signs, Including:

  • Safety (Entrance, Exit, Fire Exit, No Admittance, and more)

  • Directional

  • Informational

  • Room Identification

  • Number Signs

  • Restroom


Why We Use Photopolymer for Our ADA Signs

Photopolymer is the ideal material for ADA signs for many reasons. This material allows for a one-piece integral sign that provides optimal protection against vandalism, as well as ability to create very detailed raised graphics and elements, such as text, braille and logos. And, it can be painted, digitally printed, and easily replicated.

We are out of the box thinkers who love a good challenge. Our team is committed to providing innovative, clever approaches that take your ADA signage concept from design to fabrication and installation.


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