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The Perfect Finish for All OF Your Sign and Fabrication Projects

XDFOUR is a one-stop shop for your sign and fabrication needs in the NY, NJ, NY, CT area. We don’t just build dimensional signs and other tactile products, we also have the capabilities to paint them. Our full-service paint shop can put the finishing touch on your project in-house, allowing for faster lead times than our competitors, while maintaining the high-level of quality we are known for. 

We Use the Best Low VOC Paint on the Market

At XDFOUR, we believe healthy air quality is just as important as visual appeal and durability. So, we use Matthews Ultra Low VOC paint. It exceeds even the most stringent environmental regulations, while providing a finish that will last for years to come. It is available in 80,000+ brilliant colors and can be applied to most mediums. Our Matthews trained technicians have the skills to expertly apply this leading paint and take your project from fabrication to completion.


Sign Painting that Melds Old-World Art with Modern Technology

Sign painting is a vanishing art that we are excited to keep alive. Most environments are dominated by computer generated signage - which we do create at XDFOUR. Painted signs offer a kind of personality and longevity that simply cannot be achieved with digital printing. They instantly elevate the name of an organization or event and command attention. As one of the few professional sign painters in the tri-state area, we are proud to be revitalizing old-world artistry in a digital world. Using modern and traditional techniques, we are able to quickly produce beautiful painted signs at pleasing price points.


Partnerships with Designers, Architects and Other Sign Companies

Our painting capabilities and skills have made us a popular partnership choice for area designers, architects and other sign companies. The level of our craftsmanship and the quality products we use in our artistry has propelled us to become a sought-after custom fabrication and sign painting company in the NYC area.


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