Environmental Graphics

Connect with Audiences and Reinforce Brand Identity

XDFour specializes in helping designers and architects throughout the tri-state area (NYC, NJ, NY, CT) communicate branded stories and simplify complex environments with digital and tactile graphics. We work collaboratively with creative professionals to create and shape the sense of a space with custom fabricated signage, wayfinding systems, and design elements that enhance the user experience.

Signage and Wayfinding Systems

Our craftsmen and technicians build signage that creates a visual path and boosts brand recognition. From small room identification plaques and large directional signage to informational panels, charts, maps and diagrams, we produce pieces that enable visitors to easily navigate from one area to another, enhance knowledge, and boost customer satisfaction.



XDFour fabrications are installed in large corporations and venues throughout the region. We have assisted many designers and architects in creating spaces that leave lasting impressions. Working as a team, XDFour transforms the concepts of designers and architects into vibrant wall coverings, murals, displays and art pieces in a large variety of materials.



We have the capabilities to bring concepts to completion. Using advanced technology and equipment, the skilled XDFour team can build just about anything you can imagine out of acrylics, metal, wood, foam, paper, vinyl and more. Our 13,000 square-foot facility contains:

  • Flatbed Printers

  • 3D Printers

  • UV Printers

  • Paint Shop

  • Laser Cutters

  • CNC Routers

  • High-Speed Cutting Machines

  • Large Format Printers



XDFour is committed to helping designers and architects create memorable experiences. We are out of the box thinkers who love a good challenge. Our team provides innovative, clever approaches that take your concept from design to fabrication and installation for:

  • Parks

  • College Campuses

  • Transportation Hubs

  • Trails

  • Zoos

  • Recreational Facilities

  • Office Complexes

  • Sport Venues

  • Hospitals

  • Medical Facilities

  • Retail Shops and Malls

  • Museums


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